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Lift Lounge is your all-in-one solution for achieving your wellness goals to Live Longer and Live Better!


This is such a user friendly app! I downloaded this to start a new challenge and it literally took me like 7 minutes to learn it. It’s super user friendly and it allows you to communicate both with your coach and other users, super easy to access all important information such as meal plan, work out plan, etc.

One of my favorite features is that it let’s you modify your workouts to them to your daily progress, or even add new types of workouts (from classes to field sports). It also lets you sync all sorts of fitness devices and it automatically updates every night.

Seriously, just stop looking around for other apps!

- Joanna S. -


"I love The Lift Lounge!

They have created a positive environment with amazing workouts. Their nutrition plan is easy to follow for my busy schedule.

Ky has changed my life!"

- Jillian S. -


"If you are looking for way to change not just your body, but your habits and mindset this is the place for you!

KY and Jodi are super professional and knowledgeable."

- Ana L. -


"Ky has been so great in providing healthy eating, appropriate supplements, training, accountability as well as being extremely positive and supportive.

5 weeks in and I am down 16 lbs. Wow! I couldn't ask for more!

Thanks, Ky and Jodi, you both are the Best!"

- Michele M. -


"I have tried to find a coach that TRULY gets me and I feel like I’ve struck gold at The Lift Lounge!

Ky and his team have the best program that you simply just FOLLOW!

I was 155lbs in January and now I’m 136lbs.. just 6 lbs away from my goal of 130!!

All in just 10 weeks!!"

- Nichole A. -


"I’ve been with The Lift Lounge for 6 months. I lost 8 lbs and the owner Ky fixed my knee.

My ACL is so much stronger and I don’t have to have surgery.

I highly recommend this gym for weight loss and and lean muscle strength!

- Christy L. -

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